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Trash Receptacles Reduce Littering

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According to research done by “Keep America Beautiful”, in 2009, 17% of trash ended up improperly discarded as litter.

Several studies have shown that the proximity of trash receptacles makes a huge difference and that when conveniently presented with the proper way to dispose of trash the majority of people choose to do the right thing. As one would guess people are more likely to litter the farther away they are from a trash receptacle. In a study done by “Keep America Beautiful” when individuals were observed littering in public the closest trash receptacle averaged 29 feet away. The rate dramatically decreased to only 12 percent when people were within 10 feet of a trash receptacle. Walt Disney Co., also conducted a study in which they observed visitors of their theme parks and concluded that in order to achieve proper disposal of trash, receptacles has to be placed every 30 steps.

Litter by distance to receptacle

In conclusion, placing the correct number of trash receptacles, recycling units, and ashtrays in high traffic areas in among the best ways to help eliminate litter. Things to consider when doing this is the number of receptacles, the size, their location, and the best type of receptacle for your establishment. At Dawn Enterprises we want to reduce the amount of litter and are happy to assist customers find the right solution for their trash.