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Ordering & Shipping

What is the best way to get artwork to you for custom logos?

Graphics must be emailed to us in a vectored format. Vectored formats are .eps, .ill, and any image created in Adobe.

What types of payment do you accept?

You can pay by check or credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express cards. If you choose to pay in advance, we offer a pre-pay discount. If you choose to be invoiced when your order ships out, you will need to fill out a credit application with us. Terms are determined on a customer-by-customer basis after reviewing the responses from your credit references.

How are products shipped?

Dawn Enterprises palletizes our products and ships them via a common carrier. We have excellent relationships with numerous carriers and receive substantial discounts on freight costs from them. We quote each shipment through multiple freight companies to ensure you receive the best possible shipping price.

Can I get liftgate service to my location?

Absolutely, we can arrange to have the carrier provide a rear lift gate if you are unable to unload the truck yourself. It generally costs about $35.00 for this service.

How long does it usually take to receive an order?

Lead times can vary based on a variety of factors. If an item is in stock, it can usually be drop shipped to you the next day. If not, we provide an estimated lead time on all of the quotes we issue to our customers so they will have a good idea as to when their shipment will arrive.


How deep should I bury my bollard?

Dawn recommends bollards should be embedded in concrete well below the frost line. Frost line varies based on location.


How do I fill a self-watering planter?

The easiest way to fill the planter is to take a garden hose and fill the planter from the top, while it is empty. The water will run through the capillaries. When the planter is full, the water will begin to spill out of the overflow valve.

How do I empty a self-watering planter?

The planter has a drain valve on the bottom. All you need to do is unscrew the valve and the water will run out.

What should I do with a self-watering planter in the winter?

The planter has a drain on the bottom so it is easy to empty the water. Just unscrew the plug, drain the planter, and discard the old flowers and dirt. If you have a storage area, we recommend keeping the old dirt and just replanting in the spring.

Trash Cans

Is the lid included?

We sell lids to fit all of our receptacles. These lids can be purchased with the receptacle or separately if replacements are needed.

Do I need a separate liner for each receptacle?

Each of our units is built around a non-removable liner. The plastic removable liners we offer make emptying the receptacles easier and bag free, but are completely optional.

How do I clean a trashcan?

All Dawn receptacles are made around a liner with a drain hole. The receptacles can be sprayed with a hose and the dirty water will run out of this drain hole in the bottom.


Won’t the ashtray fill with water when it rains?

The tops of our ashtrays are porous; any liquid leeches itself through the sand and then disperses throughout the ash urn, ultimately coming out of the bottom. When the sun comes out, the absorbed water evaporates. This is particularly good if someone spills a drink in the top—you are not left with a puddle of ashes.