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Recycled Plastic Benches

– Our RECYCLED PLASTIC PARK BENCHES are made of up to 100% recycled plastic. Our recycled plastic consists of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) made from post-consumer recycled plastic such as old milk jugs. Help us reduce the amount of recycle-able trash in our land fills by shopping for sustainable products.

Recycled Concrete Benches – Our RECYCLED CONCRETE PARK BENCHES can be made with a couple of different recycled options. One option is substituting recycled plastic lumber for the traditional wood slats. The Orlando bench below is shown with these recycled plastic slats.

In addition, by mixing 100% post-consumer glass into our concrete products, we are able to not only help the environment, but also add sparkle to our furnishings and your property. The Adonis bench below is shown with recycled glass added into the concrete legs. Blue and clear glass are available and can be added separately or combined to any of our concrete items.

Please contact us for more information on how you can make either of these substitutions to any of our concrete park benches or if you would like information on our benches made 100% from recycled plastic.