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Most Popular Summer Products


There is no better time to enjoy and utilize site furnishings then a sunny day.

The summer is filled with perfect days to sit and reflect on a park bench. As crowds come out to enjoy the summer weather bollards are protecting pedestrians and delegating traffic; at sporting events, music concerts, fireworks and more! At BBQ’s across the country people are keeping our parks and beaches clean by disposing of trash in properly placed receptacles. Beautiful plants that bring life and color to landscapes are often showcased in planters. Since our products are so popular during the summer months, its only appropriate we point out which of our products are the most popular this time of year!

Concrete Coventry Bench

4ft Round Concrete Bowl Planter

Chaz Rectangular Fiberglass Planter

Removable Embedded Sleeve Security Pipe Steel Bollards

35 Gallon Square Stone Aggregate Waste Receptacle