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5 Reasons To Choose Plastic Planters

Brickell Plastic Planter

1. Exceptional Durability Plastic is an extremely popular material for planters due to it’s exceptional durability. Extremely weather resistant it will not splinter or crack when exposed to the elements. 2. Great Value Lower price points then fiberglass and concrete planters, lower shipping costs and fewer replacement costs equal a great value. Plastic planters show virtually no wear and tear from the weather and are a logical long term solution. 3. Low Maintenance Highly recommended due to the fact they require very little maintenance and are easy to transport and place prior to planting. The only maintenance required is a light cleaning with a damp sponge or rag. 4. Decorative Plastic planters are available in a wide range of colors , shapes and designs to…

Buyers Guide To Trash Receptacles

  There can be a lot of things to consider when shopping for commercial trash receptacles. At Dawn Enterprises we offer a wide variety of trash receptacles in various materials and designs, including several lid options for most of our trash cans. In order to help ensure you get the right product the following buyers guide can help guide you in addition to our knowledgeable sales team. View our buyers guide below. Price Point: Deciding on a budget is the obvious place to begin when thinking about buying a commercial trash receptacles. The amount you are prepared to spend can impact the features, size, and material of the receptacle. Indoor/ Outdoor: Where will the trash receptacle be placed? When you are selecting receptacles for indoors…

Request a Quote Today!

Request a quote for any product in 3 simple steps… 1st – Find Your Desired Product. Our new MEGA MENU makes it easier to jump to the product you are searching for… 2nd – Select ALL Attributes and Click ‘ADD TO QUOTE’ 3rd – ‘VIEW QUOTE’, Fill Out Required Information and SEND! We offer a wide range of site furnishings including, but not limited to…

Most Popular Summer Products

SUMMER IS UNDERWAY! There is no better time to enjoy and utilize site furnishings then a sunny day. The summer is filled with perfect days to sit and reflect on a park bench. As crowds come out to enjoy the summer weather bollards are protecting pedestrians and delegating traffic; at sporting events, music concerts, fireworks and more! At BBQ’s across the country people are keeping our parks and beaches clean by disposing of trash in properly placed receptacles. Beautiful plants that bring life and color to landscapes are often showcased in planters. Since our products are so popular during the summer months, its only appropriate we point out which of our products are the most popular this time of year! Concrete Coventry Bench 4ft Round…

New Rectangular and Half Round Plastic Planter

Millennium Plastic Planter

Dawn Enterprises is pleased to announce that, due to the number of requests we receive, we have now added several plastic rectangular planters in addition to what we already carry in concrete and fiberglass. In addition to our new plastic rectangular planters, we are also excited about the new Half Round plastic planter which is a half circle design perfect for being placed flush up against a wall. Uniquely suited for building entrances, hallways, and commonly used between elevators the Half Round planter perfectly fits where no other planter will.

5 Reasons To Choose Fiberglass Planters

5 Reasons To Choose Fiberglass Planters 1. Exceptional Durability Fiberglass is an extremely popular material for planters due to their exceptional durability. Fiberglass is strong, fade-resistant, chemical resistant, and corrosion-proof. In addition they are very weather resistant and will not splinter, crack or fade when exposed to the elements. 2. Great Value Despite being among the strongest and most desired planters on the market, when factoring in lower shipping costs and fewer replacement costs, they in fact prove to be a great value. Fiberglass planters show virtually no wear and tear from the weather and are a logical long term solution.  3. Low Maintenance Highly recommended due to the fact they require very little maintenance and are easy to transport and place prior to planting….

Bollards: 6 Common Commercial Uses

  Bollards – Our concrete, steel, and movable bollards are an effective means of protecting structures on your property, the perimeter, and/or building entrances. Our bollards can serve as an attractive security barrier for schools, banks, military bases, shopping malls, and apartment complexes, as well as any other commercial and retail locations. We offer many styles of bollards including in-ground, surface mounted and movable bollards, as well as several shapes and sizes because we realize every project is unique. We also offer a wide variety of plastic bollard covers as a great alternative to long term maintenance. Airports – Security and control over the flow of traffic are priorities for Airports all over the world. From curbside to large parking areas bollards play a significant…

Dawn Enterprises Adds Metal Planters to

  We are glad to announce we are LIVE with our NEW Metal Planter category. At Dawn Enterprises we want to offer the best products at the best price. A wide variety of products is important to ensure our customers get what they are looking for and we strive to be a solution for all your site amenities. Our metal planters combine design, strength, and durability making them an attractive and long-term solution to your planting needs. We offer many styles, shapes and sizes of metal planters and they are available in many color options to fit your specific design needs. Please take a few minutes to review our Metal Planters and other site furnishings at! We continue expanding our product lines and are…