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Request a Quote Today!

Request a quote for any product in 3 simple steps… 1st – Find Your Desired Product. Our new MEGA MENU makes it easier to jump to the product you are searching for… 2nd – Select ALL Attributes and Click ‘ADD TO QUOTE’ 3rd – ‘VIEW QUOTE’, Fill Out Required Information and SEND! We offer a wide range of site furnishings including, but not limited to…

It’s Important: Pedestrian Safety. What Can We Do?

There are several reasons we need to be increasingly aware about the risks to pedestrian safety. Vehicles are increasingly used as weapons Pedestrians and drivers are increasingly distracted by cell phones Busy urban areas continue to implement measures to become more “walkable” Cities all over the world are wrestling with implementing new measures to ensure pedestrian safety in a world in which vehicles are increasingly being weaponized. Here are several excerpts from articles highlighting the importance of protective barriers and bollards. “Many cities have been slow to react to the new threat. This spring, London’s city council rejected plans for barriers along some of the city’s bridges, deeming the bollards too ugly. One day after that decision, three terrorists drove a van at speeds of…

5 Maintenance Tips For Fall

5 Maintenance Tips For Fall Many of our customers manage commercial and residential properties. With Fall quickly approaching we wanted to provide those on our mailing list with a quick checklist of some of the most important maintenance tips. Check gutters and downspouts: Remove dirt and debris to ensure proper drainage of water away from the building to prevent damage. Also, ensure gutters and downspouts are securely attached to the building for proper function. Inspect HVAC system: It’s best to make sure the heating system is in working order before the first cold snap. Utilizing a professional will ensure filters are cleaned, supply registers are adjusted and thermostats are calibrated for optimal performance – further decreasing your risk of malfunction or costly repairs. Check water…

Most Popular Summer Products

SUMMER IS UNDERWAY! There is no better time to enjoy and utilize site furnishings then a sunny day. The summer is filled with perfect days to sit and reflect on a park bench. As crowds come out to enjoy the summer weather bollards are protecting pedestrians and delegating traffic; at sporting events, music concerts, fireworks and more! At BBQ’s across the country people are keeping our parks and beaches clean by disposing of trash in properly placed receptacles. Beautiful plants that bring life and color to landscapes are often showcased in planters. Since our products are so popular during the summer months, its only appropriate we point out which of our products are the most popular this time of year! Concrete Coventry Bench 4ft Round…

Why Use Bollard Covers?

Make old bollard posts look like new. Our bollard covers are easy to install over new or old steel and concrete bollards. Choosing our bollard covers over replacement bollards eliminates the need for costly long term maintenance and will immediately improve your facility appearance and safety. Our covers are made from high density polyethylene and are available in a variety of different colors and sizes. We have currently updated the colors available and look forward to providing the right bollard and cover for your security needs. Check out our bollard covers HERE!

Why Choose Dawn Enterprises Concrete Planters?

5' Rectangular Concrete Planter

Our concrete planters come in multiple sizes: 2′, 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′ and 7′. Due to the size and weight of our concrete planters, they provide excellent security barriers while adding to the beauty of commercial properties, parks and recreation areas. Durable construction will hold up well to weather conditions making these concrete planters a practical long-term outdoor showcase for your plants. We also offer the eco-friendly option of adding post-consumer glass into our concrete planters giving them higher recycled content as well as an attractive and unique finish. Check out all of our Concrete Planters here:

New Rectangular and Half Round Plastic Planter

Millennium Plastic Planter

Dawn Enterprises is pleased to announce that, due to the number of requests we receive, we have now added several plastic rectangular planters in addition to what we already carry in concrete and fiberglass. In addition to our new plastic rectangular planters, we are also excited about the new Half Round plastic planter which is a half circle design perfect for being placed flush up against a wall. Uniquely suited for building entrances, hallways, and commonly used between elevators the Half Round planter perfectly fits where no other planter will.

Steel Bollards – Are They Right For Your Property?

Steel Bollards from Dawn Enterprises

  How Are Steel Bollards Used? Steel bollards, as well as concrete, are commonly placed on properties along the perimeter and at building entrances. Their purpose is to help safeguard property and individuals onsite. Steel security bollards are commonly used at banks and military bases, as well as schools, shopping malls, apartment complexes and other types of commercial and retail locations. Pedestrian safety: Bollards prevent vehicle access while allowing pedestrian flow. Install steel pipe bollards near building entrances and other areas to regulate foot traffic. Building protection: Damage to buildings can be costly or irreparable. Steel Bollards can provide standoff protection for sensitive areas and ensure intruding vehicles are kept away for building exteriors and other high risk locations. Perimeter security: Security steel bollards prevent…

New Lighted Concrete Bollards

Dawn Enterprises has been a long time supplier of concrete and steel bollards and we are glad to announce the addition of lighted concrete bollards! Precast concrete bollards are a chosen form of barrier protection by state and federal government agencies, fast food restaurants, department stores, educational facilities, parks and recreation departments and residential complexes. Public safety and security of government buildings have a new sense of urgency; steel-reinforced concrete site amenities merge with current landscapes and provide proven protection. In addition we now offer several lighted bollards. Learn more about our selection of bollards, including the new lighted bollard by simply clicking here.

Who Said Bollards Have To Be Boring

As a manufacturer and distributor of steel and concrete security bollards we felt we had to weigh in on some of our favorite creative ways people have transformed bollards into pieces of art. Here are our top 5 examples of how creativity brought bollards to life! We will leave the ART part up to you, but if you are looking for bollards we offer a large selection of materials, shapes and sizes and service commercial and residential properties across America. Check Out Our Bollards!

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