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Bollards: 6 Common Commercial Uses


Bollards – Our concrete, steel, and movable bollards are an effective means of protecting structures on your property, the perimeter, and/or building entrances. Our bollards can serve as an attractive security barrier for schools, banks, military bases, shopping malls, and apartment complexes, as well as any other commercial and retail locations. We offer many styles of bollards including in-ground, surface mounted and movable bollards, as well as several shapes and sizes because we realize every project is unique. We also offer a wide variety of plastic bollard covers as a great alternative to long term maintenance.

Airports – Security and control over the flow of traffic are priorities for Airports all over the world. From curbside to large parking areas bollards play a significant role in preventing access to restricted areas and traffic regulation that ensure the safety of both drivers and pedestrians. Our steel and concrete bollards can be found at airports and seaports across the country.

Stadiums – Due to the popularity of events and the high traffic areas surrounding stadiums; both vehicular and pedestrian, bollards are utilized to regulate traffic and add additional security. Dawn Enterprises has supplied bollards to some of the most notable stadiums in the country, including Ravens Stadium (pictured above), Camden Yards, and MetLife Stadium.

Storefronts – Storefront security is a very common and important use of Bollards.  Bollards are effective at both protecting pedestrians and preventing property damage. Many stores contain highly valuable items in addition to ATM machines and bollards add additional security against theft as well as accidents. Nearly all store fronts in near proximity to parking areas use bollards to protect both property and people. Dawn Enterprises is a proud supplier of these bollards across the country.

Malls – Similar to other high density areas, shopping malls demand high levels of site security to protect both people on site and property. It is common several types of bollards will be used at large shopping centers. Permanent bollards and security posts are effective at preventing both intentional and accidental crashes, as well as direct traffic. Removable bollards are also common at large malls and shopping centers that often require temporary site protection or changing traffic patterns.

Warehouses – Warehouses are a great example of commercial sites that need protection from both accidental and intentional crashes. Despite not having items on public display, warehouses can be targeted for theft and contain both valuable and/or dangerous equipment. Loading docks and propane tanks are obvious examples of places in which bollards should be required, but there are dozens of applications depending on the needs of the warehouse.

Gas Stations – Almost every gas station has bollards to protect gas pumps, which is extremely important and logical. With the large number of vehicles coming into close proximity of the pumps, bollards are an obvious security precaution at gas stations all over the world.

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