Site Furnishings for Resorts

Resorts are usually highly expansive and require several different approaches to keeping clean. When this many different trash and litter problems exist at one location, only an array of stone-aggregate products from Dawn Enterprises will do. Use our ashtrays, combination units by the pool and near entrances/exits.Trashcans pick up the slack in parking lots and near the golf course. Whatever your need is, Dawn Enterprises is here to help.

Site Furnishings for ResortsLet’s start with the parking lot. When guests arrive they almost always have something from the trip to throw away. Allow them access to a garbage receptacle right away. Dawn’s 35-gallon and 55-gallon trash receptacles will give you the capacity and durability you need to keep those parking lots in pristine condition. Employees will have more time to service the needs of the guests instead of wasting valuable time picking up trash. For added convenience our 35-gallon trash can comes with a bacteria-resistant liner built right into the can. This means no after market liner and fewer bees in the summer. When it is time to clean out the waste container, simply spray the inside out with a hose and let the drain in the bottom do the rest. If you prefer the utmost in capacity, go for our 55 gallon trashcan. This monster is beautiful stone-aggregate wrapped around a recycled steel drum and also includes a drain in the bottom. This waste barrel bin will rarely need emptying.

Entrances, exits, and pools are high traffic areas at any resort. This is why Dawn Enterprises offers the Ash n’ Trash combination unit as well as stand-alone “buttsnuffers.” With the combo unit, guests can throw away trash and extinguish their cigarettes/cigars. We send it to you fully functional. There is a removable ash tray up top and a trash liner for the base at no extra charge. The stand-alone ash trays offer a durable and attractive place for cigarette butts. They are more effective than the combination trashcan/ash urn when it comes to cigarette volume because they handle only butts. No space is wasted on trash capacity. Both of these incredible fixtures can be fitted with the resort logo and/or a no-smoking sign.

Don’t forget about the Dawn Enterprises accessory list. We are a leading supplier of ashtray filler stone, cigarette scoops,retaining bands, chain kits, and replacement parts.

Our self-watering planters and concrete planters provide an attractive and safe place for plants to grow. They protect plants from being trampled and when full, weigh over 300 lbs., preventing them from being moved or knocked over. However, when empty, they weigh considerably less and can easily be moved by two people.

Our self-watering planters only need to be filled once every 90 days, which cuts down on maintenance costs and makes them very convenient. The planters can be ordered in custom colors and even with a custom logo, allowing them to satisfy your customer’s needs.

Our concrete planters come in 3 sizes: 3′ (600 lbs.), 4′ (1100 lbs.), and 7′ (4000 lbs.). Due to the size of the planters, they provide excellent security barriers. We offer an array of colors, from our basic terracotta, natural and beige to crimson red, dark khaki and moss green. See our custom color palette for all of the color options.