Site Furnishings for Municipalities

The Dawn Enterprises line of receptacles can satisfy the needs of any municipality. We manufacture all of the products that your town would need to establish a comprehensive program for beautifying the city. Our fifty-five and thirty-five gallon units, our cigarette urns, our ash & trash units all can be utilized to keep trash and cigarette butts out of the public eye.

Site Furnishings for Municipalities55-Gallon Receptacles
This is the predominate unit that we sell to cities and towns across North America. The advantage of the 55-gallon can is capacity. We build our 55-gallon receptacle around a steel barrel and then spray the outside of the aggregate with a polyester coating so the unit is easily cleaned. Most towns put a plastic trash bag on the inside, secure it with a rubber band and then set up a schedule to remove the trash. The unit has a drain on the bottom in case in liquid does get in the receptacle. We see our 55-gallon trashcans on street corners, strategically placed along busy Main Streets and in city parks. The receptacle is manufactured using all natural river stone so the trashcan blends into any background. The 55-gallon trashcan has a sand bottom so it is easy to move without damaging the sidewalk. A 10″ logo can be imbedded in to the 55-gallon trash can with a message of your choice.

35-Gallon Receptacles
The Dawn Enterprises 35-gallon waste receptacle is mainstay of our product line and perfect for any municipality. The can is built around a fiberglass liner, with a drain on the bottom, so it is easily cleaned, prevents bacteria, and keeps bees from congregating around the receptacle. The 35-gallon trash can weighs just under 200 pounds so it is easily moved around a sidewalk yet it is heavy enough that it is not going to “walk away”. Most towns put a custom logo on the front of the can, usually a city seal. A new trend is to incorporate a custom message or utilize outside, revenue generating, advertising on a 10″ lexan logo. Our 35-gallon trashcan is available with a hood top lid that has a swing door, or a flat top lid. Lids are available in most traditional colors.

Cigarette Urns
Our 24″ cigarette urn is a necessity outside of many municipal buildings. Smokers have been forced outside and they need a place to put their butts. A used bucket or old pail prove as unsightly as the butts themselves; so our 24″ cigarette urn is a perfect way to accommodate the smoker. The ash urn weighs over 150 pounds so it will become a permanent fixture at the exit door. The unit is self-draining so even if it rains or snows the top of the receptacle will not become a puddle of butts and ashes. Our 36′ tall urn is even more effective as smokers will not toss their butt at the receptacle since it is at arms length. Most towns use our custom fill for the top of the urn and we offer scoops that will take out the butts while leaving the fill behind. This is a neat, easy way to eliminate butts. City workers will not have to pour out a rancid collection of butts and ashes and liquid. The urns are usually light brown or gray and a 10″ logo can be incorporated on the front of the ash urn. We can even make the units round if you desire.

Ash & Trash Receptacles
The area where smokers congregate is the ideal place for an ash and trash unit. Rather than put a cigarette urn and a trash can, the 12 gallon ash & trash does both jobs. The receptacle has a plastic liner, with handles, so it is easily removed for emptying. The top of the ash and trash is a 10″ brushed, removable, aluminum lid. The ash and trash can be manufactured either square or round and the square ash & trash can have any logo affixed to the front of the receptacle on a 10″ permanent lexan disk. The ash & trash is great because smokers throw their empty cigarette packs into the unit and people entering the building can deposit light trash rather than scanning around for an indoor trashcan. The trash is unseen and the butts can be easily removed with a Dawn Enterprises custom scoop. Most cities take our ash & trash units in natural brown but we certainly can arrange to match any color you wish.

Our self-watering planters and concrete planters are great for town beautification programs. They provide an attractive and safe place for plants to grow. Our planters and tubs protect plants from being trampled and when full, weigh over 300 lbs., preventing them from being moved or knocked over. However, when empty, they weigh considerably less and can easily be moved by two people. Our self-watering planters only need to be filled once every 90 days, which cuts down on maintenance costs and makes them very convenient.

Our concrete planters come in 3 sizes: 3′ (600 lbs.), 4′ (1100 lbs.), and 7′ (4000 lbs.). Due to the size of the planters, they provide excellent security barriers. We offer an array of colors, from our basic terracotta, natural and beige to crimson red, dark khaki and moss green. See our custom color palette for all of the color options.