Site Furnishings for Construction

In the construction business the general contractor is responsible for almost every element at the construction site. These responsibilities often include buying exterior fixtures. Dawn Enterprises supplies the most durable fixtures in the industry. GCs come to us and order everything in one shot. Trashcans, ashtrays, and combination units are all available for deliver anytime necessary. We can ship within 48 hours or queue in a future shipment up to one year in advance. Order and be done with it at Dawn Enterprises.

Site Furnishings for construction 2

If you want top quality fixtures at your locations, start by looking at the Ash and Trash, which is a buttsnuffer andtrashcan in one. Serving a dual purpose, this litter stopper comes with a 12-gallon trash receptacle for a body and has a fully functional ashtray on top. Set yourself up with some of our filler stone and a cigarette scoop. At 185 pounds, available in round or square, this is one fine piece of stone aggregate.

If your main concern is cigarette butt litter in the parking lot or on the sidewalk, Dawn offers a twist of the ash and trash. We have designed cigarette snuffers, which focus only on smokers. Our ashtrays have large reservoirs on top, which may be filled with our stone to extinguish cigarettes. Oh, don’t worry about rain collecting in them; they are porous and will drain, leaving you with a dry urn.

Some areas will experience higher trash flow than others and may need some of our trashcans. To accommodate this we offer super-capacity, 55-gallon garbage barrels. This round unit is available with several lid choices and can be outfitted with semi-rigid reusable liner. If you must handle a bunch of trash, there is no other way to do it.

Site Furnishings for constructionMaybe 55 gallons is more than the job site requires. No problem, try Dawn’s 35 gallon trash bin with a built-in liner. That’s right, the lineris built right into the trash barrel so you don’t have to buy an after-market liner. Several different lids can be had so just add a bag and you are good to go. The 35 gallon recycling bin from Dawn Enterprises is plug n’ play for the construction industry.