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5 Reasons To Choose Plastic Planters

Brickell Plastic Planter

1. Exceptional Durability
Plastic is an extremely popular material for planters due to it’s exceptional durability. Extremely weather resistant it will not splinter or crack when exposed to the elements.
2. Great Value
Lower price points then fiberglass and concrete planters, lower shipping costs and fewer replacement costs equal a great value. Plastic planters show virtually no wear and tear from the weather and are a logical long term solution.
3. Low Maintenance
Highly recommended due to the fact they require very little maintenance and are easy to transport and place prior to planting. The only maintenance required is a light cleaning with a damp sponge or rag.
4. Decorative
Plastic planters are available in a wide range of colors , shapes and designs to match existing decor.
5. Unmatched Versatility
Durability, low maintenance, and a wide variety of options make them among the most versatile planting solutions.