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5 Reasons To Choose Fiberglass Planters

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5 Reasons To Choose Fiberglass Planters

1. Exceptional Durability

Fiberglass is an extremely popular material for planters due to their exceptional durability. Fiberglass is strong, fade-resistant, chemical resistant, and corrosion-proof. In addition they are very weather resistant and will not splinter, crack or fade when exposed to the elements.

2. Great Value

Despite being among the strongest and most desired planters on the market, when factoring in lower shipping costs and fewer replacement costs, they in fact prove to be a great value. Fiberglass planters show virtually no wear and tear from the weather and are a logical long term solution. 

3. Low Maintenance

Highly recommended due to the fact they require very little maintenance and are easy to transport and place prior to planting. The only maintenance required is a light cleaning with a damp sponge or rag. If you want an additional shine you could even polish them with automotive or marine paint wax.

4. Decorative

Fiberglass planters are available in a wide range of colors and finishes to match existing decor. Fiberglass planters have the largest variety in regards to shape, design, color and finishes.

5. Unmatched Versatility

Fiberglass planters are extremely versatile. Due to a low expansion/contraction rate they can be placed both indoors or outdoors without damaging the planter. Durability, low maintenance, and a wide variety of options make them among the most versatile planting solutions. 

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