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Bollards, Planters, and More!

Dawn Enterprises Customer Service

Customer Service

Since the 1970’s we have earned the trust of our customers by providing unmatched service before, during, and after every purchase. Our committed sales team understands every order is unique and important and we look forward to working with you on continually building our legacy.

Value of our Site Furnishings


We pride ourself on the long lasting relationships we have established with major retail and service chains across America. Value is more then a good price, value is an experience. Not only do we ensure the product has value but that as a customer you as well are valued.

Quality Site Furnishing


Committed to the highest standards of quality we believe success relies in our ability to provide customers the most dependable site furnishings on the market. Our continued growth confirms our belief that quality speaks for itself. Our products are proudly displayed on some of the largest commercial properties across the United States.

Dawn Enterprises Lead Times

Lead Time

In this industry, lead times can often make or break a project. At Dawn Enterprises we understand that timing is often a decisive factor and believe that is an opportunity to earn your business.


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Our sales representatives are available Monday through Friday from 8:30am-6pm EST.

For an immediate response, contact us directly at our toll free number: 1-866-643-6727, or email us at info@godawn.com